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RM 55.00


   1.Multi-frequency electronic mosquito repellent,with LED light, makes your life easier.
   2.Volume settings, service area is within one meter radius.      
   3.Unlike chemical products, sound frequency theory is human friendly and no side effects.       
   4.Non-toxic ink applied, safe to use.
   5.Hanging string and keychain included,portable and convenient.

   Case ─ ABS
   String ─ Nylon
   Battery ─ 3V(CR2032)

   Case : 3 X 4 X 5cm
   String : 10cm

Researches show that it is female mosquitoes that bite when they are pregnant.
In addition, they would try to shell themselves from male mosquitoes to avoid reproductive process.
Simba’s multi-frequency mosquito repellent can drive female mosquitoes away by imitating the sound of male one’s flying.