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RM 23.00


Teeth Clean, Fur Clean, Functions 2 In 1

● Features
    1.Patented design, functions two in one, the front for teeth brushing and back for fur clearing.
    2.Bristles of food grade silicone from Japan, soft and comfortable. No risk of hurting baby’s gums,
       and is ideal for   baby to learn teeth brushing joyfully.
    3.Natural and non-toxic materials used.
    4.Designed with safe stopper to avoid babies from hurting the throat that caused by deep inserting.
    5.Whole toothbrush can be sterilized
    6.With cap, ideal for traveling..

● Material
   Coating :Silicone (-20~+120℃)
   Internal Bar/Cap :
Polypropylene (-20~+100℃)