Wampus Cat Student News https://wampuscatstudentnews.com The Voice of Conway High School Tue, 21 May 2019 19:51:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.2.2 Lady Cats Finish Runners Up https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1611/sports/lady-cats-finish-runners-up/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1611/sports/lady-cats-finish-runners-up/#respond Tue, 21 May 2019 19:51:14 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1611 What a year it has been for Conway Athletics for the 2018-2019 school year.  It was kicked off by a great year for our football team as we finished 9-3 overall, followed up by a INCREDIBLE year for our volleyball girls as we took home a state title.  Then it was off to basketball where both the boys and girls made it to the second round of the state playoffs, as well as our baseball and softball teams doing well in their respected sports.  Then it came down to soccer and lets just say it was a season to be remembered.

The boys soccer team had another wonderful year making it to the semi finals in the state tournament, but it was the girls soccer program that had everyone in the stands oohing and ahhing on a nightly basis.  The Ladycats cruised through the regular season finishing off with a record of 14-0 in conference play and only having one loss on the year; that coming from a team in Oklahoma. The Ladycats handled their business throughout the state tournament as they allowed only 2 goals through the 3 state games, winning 4-1 against Rogers-Heritage, and 1-0 against Mt. Saint Mary’s. This all led up to the much anticipated matchup against rivals Bryant high. The game got off to a rough start as Bryant took a very early 1- neal lead but jr. leader KK Pavate would have other plans as she would tie the game up at 1 goal a piece heading into the final minutes. When it was looking like we would go into a penalty kicks which in soccer is their overtime the refs seemed to have other plans as they called a questionable call late into the game giving Bryant a free kick to try and end the game. With a clutch penalty kick the Bryant Ladycats took control and ended up winning the 2019 Girls 6a state championship.  Overall it was a great season and we look forward to talking about all our sports this upcoming year, but until next time Go Wampus Cats and this is Landon Dunn signings out.


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The End of An Era https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1608/showcase/the-end-of-an-era/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1608/showcase/the-end-of-an-era/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 18:15:01 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1608 In the month of the May, the clock ticks just a little bit faster. It’s like we’re all standing right in front of the finish line we couldn’t even come close to back in August of 2018! Seniors will have one last time together to throw their caps in the air in a celebration marking their completion of grades K-12. Freshmen will make their way to the High School, little 7th graders will make their way to the Jr. High, and little 4th graders will make their way to their middle schools. As each era comes to an end, there’s a new beginning for all.

Summer approaches us all with a warm welcome coming May 23! All of our plans we had looked forward to all year long are so close we could just taste it. The much needed break we all long for is coming quickly, and we’re all ready for it! The countdown has begun and the last of our current class slows to a stop. We will never be where we are ever again!

In finality, as the few tears may come following the hugs of goodbye to dear friends for seniors, or the cheers from little 4th graders moving into their big middle school, the end of this current era approaches, like it or not. All of the hard work, late nights of study, blood, sweat, and tears come to a pause as our season of break lays before us. With a fresh new start coming back in the fall, we all deserve and long for this break to come! With that said, don’t count the days, but make the days count. You’re so close to break, but you’ll never get this time back! Enjoy it while it lasts. Take it all in!

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Avengers Endgame: The Actual Biggest Crossover in Movie History (Spoilers!!) https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1605/jr-high/avengers-endgame-the-actual-biggest-crossover-in-movie-history-spoilers/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1605/jr-high/avengers-endgame-the-actual-biggest-crossover-in-movie-history-spoilers/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 18:13:12 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1605 Avengers Endgame is a profound movie and the end of a 22 film long storyline, The end of a decade of movies and heroes since 2009’s Iron-Man with Robert Downey Junior, arguably the most important figure in the whole Marvel cinematic universe so far. It almost feels like the end of an era but this movie marks the end of Marvel’s third phase of movies and the start of the fourth.

This movie is meant to be watched in tandem with Infinity War as it takes place nearly right after the devastating end of that movie with the iconic snap that “dusted” half of the entire universe, Thanos had succeeded and the heroes had lost even after their best efforts. Endgame opens with Iron-Man stuck in the emptiness of space with unlikely ally Nebula, one of the daughters of Thanos. He records what seems to be his final message before his death in space and after he does he falls asleep and is saved by Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson.

The heroes desperately try to find a way to bring the 50% back with them deciding that taking the Infinity Stones back from Thanos by force is the best option. The Infinity Stones killed the 50% so it could most certainly bring them back, right?  After the siege on Thanos’s home is a success and they have him hostage they try to question him on where the stones are since he doesn’t have them. Thanos then throws a bombshell on them and tells him he destroyed the stones, this angers Thor and the end of Thanos eventually ends up on the floor of his house.

The movie then skips five years after the death of Thanos and the world is in ruins with the remaining humans trying to pick up the pieces left by the snap. I won’t spoil anymore of the movie for you as I personally think this is a must see if you haven’t already. Endgame is a triumphant end to a saga that has spanned over a decade and will forever hold a place for me as one of the best movies of 2019.

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Getting to Know Ms. Hibbard https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1602/jr-high/getting-to-know-ms-hibbard/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1602/jr-high/getting-to-know-ms-hibbard/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 18:10:41 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1602 At Conway Junior High School there are many interesting teachers who teach  different subjects. There are math, english, science, histories, and elective teachers. The foreign language teachers are especially fun, since the teaching methods they employ are often in another language. Amongst the foreign language teachers is an amazing teacher. Her name is Martha Hibbard. She is very active in her teaching career. She enjoys boxing, challenging herself, and living freely.

Hibbard has made a hobby of boxing at least once a week. She says, “boxing soothes my soul. I get to get out every bit of anger I’ve built up over the day or the week and go pound it out on a bag. It honestly is great therapy!” She’s been boxing for a year now.  Lately with all the busyness of school it’s been difficult for her to get to the boxing gym, but once summer hits she will be able to go 2-3 times a week. Hibbard trains with Rodney Gillespie. He was a boxer in his earlier years and is very knowledgeable about boxing. She says, “His workouts are hardcore and very good for you.  Be prepared to sweat! I can fight if I want to when I’m in my best shape, but I’m not sure I want to. I would fight people who are younger than me in better shape, and people who are in my weight bracket.”

Hibbard is a woman who is not afraid to take challenges. She is currently redoing her National Board Certification. She didn’t pass last school year, so she’s trying again this year. She says, “Sometimes in life you don’t succeed the first time. It’s okay! You get back up, dust yourself off, and go again.  I wasn’t happy that I didn’t pass the first time, but what I have learned thru the process this year has been invaluable to me. This process has made me a better teacher. I know my students well and I will do anything to help them achieve!” She will submit her work on May the fifteenth. “I will feel a ton lighter after that day!”, Hibbard says, “It has been overwhelming at times and has taken up a lot of my time inside and outside class! I’m ready to be finished!” She’ll find out in late November if she passed. There is a big test in June for one of the components. If she passes she will be certified to teach anywhere in the nation. She says, “Every state has their own tests for teachers to take. If I receive my certification, I won’t have to take any tests. I will also receive a monetary incentive for five years if I pass. After the five years, I will to recertify again and repeat the process if I choose.”

Hibbard is like a bird constantly migrating. She has been to seven different countries: France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. She will be taking a trip to Peru next year with students from CJHS. Hibbard has a pet pot bellied pig named Pumpkin. She is all black and about the size of a dog. She has a few fat rolls. She absolutely loves her. Pumpkin loves to eat cheerios and grapes in addition to her normal diet. Hibbard has two boys, Ethan and Jacob. she says “I am getting married on May 25th! I am very excited! God has graced me with an amazing man who I like to call my most perfect imperfection! No one is perfect. Life is about working out differences and learning how to show love to one another daily.” She will be getting two bonus daughters, two hamsters, nine chickens, and a golden labradoodle named Rosco. Hibbard is very active at her church and she is looking to partner with SCORE International to do more mission trips to the Dominican Republic.

At Conway Junior High School there are many interesting teachers who teach  different subjects. The foreign language teachers are especially fun, since the teaching methods they employ are often in another language. Amongst the foreign language teachers is an amazing teacher; she enjoys boxing, challenging herself, and living freely. Her name is Martha Hibbard.

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The Big Move: From Oregon to Conway https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1598/jr-high/the-big-move-from-oregon-to-conway/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1598/jr-high/the-big-move-from-oregon-to-conway/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 17:59:50 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1598 Imagine this: you’re sitting in a small 2007 Ram magnum with your family, and you have pillows, boxes and other things crammed into the back with you and your older sibling. You can’t move a muscle unless you count your arm beside the door and maybe your feet. Now imagine that you and your family had to take a thirty-six hour drive in that situation.  It’s kind of annoying.

Well, about three years ago, my family and I packed up all our things in our little white magnum and drove thirty-six hours We stopped occasionally from Salem, Oregon to Conway, Arkansas. On the way here we passed snow covered mountains which was my favorite part about traveling back and forth from Conway to Oregon. We stopped and ate at places we had never been to and collected souvenirs along the way until we reached my aunt’s house.  

When we arrived at my aunt’s house, everything was fine. Until I had to go to school. You see, we had left by the time 6th grade had started for me, and I didn’t go for the first two weeks or so because we still had to get all of our stuff, drive down there, and get settled in. So when I arrived for school, I was already about two weeks, give or take a few days, late. Everything was kind of new, because compared to 6th grade, fifth grade was super easy. In my fifth grade class, we never had homework, unless it was to read a book chapter and write down one thing we liked about it and one thing we didn’t. think of something to bring to the school for show and tell. Then, in the sixth grade, it seemed like we always had a page or two of homework to do.

Compared to when I first got here, things are basically the same. I don’t really know my way around town, unless you count the neighborhood market and anywhere else around CJHS. Usually I’m always out of town visiting family members or catching up with ones I hadn’t known before. So I kind of know my way around other places other than Salem including Little Rock, Portland, and D’iberville, Mississippi.

While it was different, I really enjoyed it. One of the parts I enjoyed were the mountains we passed getting here. On our way back to Oregon one time we saw a double rainbow which made us all happy.

In an overall experience,  I really liked the move. It was long but it was worth it.

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CJHS and the Community Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1595/jr-high/cjhs-and-the-community-celebrate-teacher-appreciation-week/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1595/jr-high/cjhs-and-the-community-celebrate-teacher-appreciation-week/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 17:55:17 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1595 Teachers play a valuable role in our lives, teaching us skills that we will most likely use for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t receive the care or attention that they deserve. From dealing with a rowdy class to tending with needy students, all while not getting paid much, teachers deserve so much more respect than they get. Thankfully, there is an entire national holiday week celebrating and appreciating teachers and school staff. From May 6th to May 10th, CJHS and the community came together to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Monday morning, staff was provided a Chick-Fil-A breakfast, provided by Reliance Healthcare, and an  ice cream sundae bar. Tuesday, the central office provided teachers with Krispy Kreme and a snack bar. On May 8th, Centennial Bank gave out hamburgers and hotdogs during all three lunches, and Kona Ice gave free snowcones to any teacher who wanted one. Thursday, a bar-b-que lunch was made by Gary Logan and the Fat Daddy’s cooks, with Andy’s custard for dessert. At the end of the week, the administration team and PAWS put together a potato bar. A PAWS drawing for prizes was offered all week as well.

Teachers are truly amazing. The amount of effort they put forth, the amount of stress and pressure they go through nearly everyday, and the amount of obstacles they conquer throughout the year, makes them nearly superhuman. The mindset that we will have for the rest of our lives is molded and shaped by our experiences at school, and the staff is always doing their absolute best to provide the future with bright, intelligent, and caring individuals. “It feels so nice to be appreciated, especially this time of year when stress is high and schedules are busy,” said Mrs. Williams. Teacher Appreciation Week is an amazing way to show your gratitude towards people who literally hold your future in their hands, but respect and gratitude should be given to them all year, not just a 5-day week.

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Chick-fil-A is not the Best Restaurant Ever https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1591/jr-high/chick-fil-a-is-not-the-best-restaurant-ever/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1591/jr-high/chick-fil-a-is-not-the-best-restaurant-ever/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 17:52:41 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1591 I don’t understand why people say Chick-fil-A is their favorite fast food place. Chick-fil-A isn’t even that good. Not to mention their prices are insane. They make you pay so much for something so less. The only I would say I actually love is their Chick-fil-A sauce and their fries. I eat the sauce with their chicken sandwiches, which makes it better. But to be honest you can buy those exact fries at the store and save way more money.

They rarely have anything on their menu. All they have is chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, chicken biscuits, chicken nuggets, milkshakes, etc. Most food places have all of those items plus more like McDonalds, Zaxby’s, Rally’s, etc. They should have different varieties other than chicken. They should switch up their menu a little. I usually get the chicken sandwich meal that includes fries and a drink, but their sandwiches as well are actually dry. That’s why you have to use some type of sauce with it to make it better. Not to mention their lines be crazy long. You probably have to wait a whole hour just to get one thing.

Chick-fil-A isn’t all that bad, like it’s not nasty or anything. I like Chick-fil-A, but it isn’t to die for. Their Chick-fil-A sauce is to die for because it actually is really good with fries. People though just over exaggerate about Chick-fil-A like yes it’s good, but it’s not all excellent. Because In Conway all you hear is about Chick-fil-A is the best restaurant here. If you want to wait long lines and spend a lot of money for less than be my guest, but I would recommend go to a place way cheaper than Chick-fil-A. Because I would rather spend my money on something cheaper and get way more food than just chicken, fries and a drink.

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Conway Junior High Named as one of the 2019 National Yearbook Program of Excellence https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1589/jr-high/conway-junior-high-named-as-one-of-the-2019-national-yearbook-program-of-excellence/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1589/jr-high/conway-junior-high-named-as-one-of-the-2019-national-yearbook-program-of-excellence/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 17:48:55 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1589 Conway Junior High School received the 2019 Jostens’ National Yearbook Program of Excellence award. This award recognizes yearbooks that show a broad representation of the school.

For junior high schools, it is normally harder to receive awards for their yearbooks, but Conway Junior High was willing to take the challenge and try to get themselves an award. It was unsure if the yearbook staff would actually receive an award but with how hard the staff worked this year, they really deserved this award. The staff included Audrey Rawls and Maggie Lyon who were the editors and staff members Kourtney Anderson, Dylan Carter, Morgan Henry, Rosie Knuckles, Isabel Ruckle, and Victoria Walter. 2019 got to be the first year for the Conway Junior High School yearbook to earn an award. “My reaction when we received the award was shocked but I was also super happy because our hard work really paid off,” said editor Maggie Lyon.

As the year begins to come to a close the year seems to get a little hectic for the yearbook staff with making sure everyone got their books. But once the yearbooks arrived the staff immediately wanted to start sending them to the students who had pre-ordered.

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Conway Junior High, High School Named Jostens 2019 National Yearbook Programs of Excellence https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1585/news/conway-junior-high-high-school-named-jostens-2019-national-yearbook-programs-of-excellence/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1585/news/conway-junior-high-high-school-named-jostens-2019-national-yearbook-programs-of-excellence/#respond Fri, 26 Apr 2019 15:59:05 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1585 Jostens, the leading producer of yearbooks and student-created content, today announced that Conway Junior High’s and Conway High School’s yearbook programs have been named 2019 Jostens’ National Yearbook Programs of Excellence. The National Yearbook Program of Excellence recognizes engaging yearbooks that reflect a broad representation of the student body while helping students develop 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, and information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy.

The Conway Junior High award-winning yearbook program is led by Audrey Rawls and Maggie Lyon (editors) and staff members Kourtney Anderson, Dylan Carter, Morgan Henry, Rosie Knuckles, Isabel Ruckle, and Victoria Walter.  It is Conway Junior High’s first time to be recognized.

2019 marks Conway High School’s third time to receive the recognition.  The Wampus Cat Yearbook staff is led by editors Maggie Risley, Katie Mabry, and Samira Martin, and staff members Shelby Bourquin, Mia King, Brice Horn, Heidi Klug, Lily Espino, Jill Cliburn, Nabiha Khetani, Kaylee Long, Lorelai Bagwell, Ethan Bailey, Gatlin Billeck, Jacob Kaufman, Mason Choate, Olivia Marotte, Bailey Rhoades, Aaliyah Bonner, Mary Evans, Ashley Henninger, Isis Pena-Vasquez, Jayla Songer, Grace Talley, and Stephen Tillman.

Both the Conway Junior High and the Conway High School award winning yearbook programs are under the direction of Jamie Bratton, yearbook adviser.

“As always, the primary goal is to make a book our school will love, and which accurately shows the great things that happen here.  National Yearbook Program of Excellence is just a wonderful addition to the already huge accomplishment of making two great yearbooks.  I’m so proud of these staffs,” Bratton said.

Jostens’ National Yearbook Program of Excellence Awards are presented twice a year, in spring and in fall for yearbooks delivered during the school year. The Award was presented to the Conway yearbook programs for achieving the defined criteria in each of three following categories: creating an inclusive yearbook, generating school engagement, and successfully managing the yearbook creation process.

“I’m extremely proud of the effort and dedication put forth by these two staffs!  They set goals for the year, and exceeded expectations with deadlines, sales, and coverage.  I hope the Conway School community is just as proud of this adviser and her staffs as we are,” said Natasha Durham, Jostens Yearbook Representative.

Both Staffs will receive a gem-studded recognition pin and a banner to display in school, so the entire school community will be aware of the outstanding achievement.


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National Superhero Day and Why More People Should Celebrate it https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1570/opinion/national-superhero-day-and-why-more-people-should-celebrate-it/ https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/1570/opinion/national-superhero-day-and-why-more-people-should-celebrate-it/#respond Tue, 23 Apr 2019 15:41:39 +0000 https://wampuscatstudentnews.com/?p=1570 National Superhero Day will take place on April 28th this year and I think that everyone should know about the day dedicated to some of our favorite fictional and real-life heroes.

I like many kids grew up reading and watching superhero media; from Batman to Spider-man I loved all of it. These characters are the foundation to my childhood and many others so I’m glad to say a day dedicated to it but I realized that not many people know about the day which saddens me as I think these characters deserve to be celebrated by everyone. I remember waking up in the morning and running to the TV to see if Batman: The Animated Series was on as it was and still is one of my favorite interpretations of the character.

National Superhero Day was created by Marvel Comics employees in 1995 when they asked interns to ask the public who their favorite superheroes were and what superpowers they would want. The holiday has been celebrated by comic gurus ever since but should be celebrated by everyone.

Superheros are probably the biggest they’ve ever been with blockbuster superhero movies being a dime a dozen these days from big comic companies such as Marvel and DC. Many people can name at least one superhero from the movie universe of Marvel as they are some of the most successful movies of the year. Avengers: Infinity War is the highest grossing superhero film of all time.

So make sure on April 28th you spread the word that it is National Superhero Day, ask a few people who’s their favorite one, and finally go to your local comic store and buy a few comics.


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